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Coach Manager Connect is a free Internet service that connects the Coach Manager booking system at over 150 of our clients to create an exclusive community-wide network. It allows our clients to easily subcontract bookings to other operators, or take on bookings being offered by other operators; instantly transferring booking details in both directions.

It can broadcast a request to cover a booking to a selected list of operators, or to the community at large. Alternatively, it can target every operator in a given geographical area, without the originator needing to know who those operators are.

Take a full tour of Coach Manager Connect

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Quick Start Guides

Description: Upload a booking to Connect
Video Duration: 6 mins

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Description: Download a booking from Connect
Video Duration: 3 mins

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Description: Making an offer on a Connect Booking
Video Duration: 2 mins 30 secs

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Description: Accepting an offer on a Connect Booking
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Key features

  • Easily subcontract bookings to other operators
  • Share bookings with selected or all operators without ever having to pick up the phone or write an email
  • Only share bookings you need to have covered
  • Choose the level of detail about a booking you want to make visible to other operators
  • View and accept offers within Coach Manager
  • Deal directly with operators who have made offers on your bookings
  • Request acceptance of your Terms and Conditions before accepting offers
  • End client details are never divulged
  • Browse and take on bookings from other operators
  • Instant notifications of new incoming bookings
  • View and offer to cover bookings from within Coach Manager
  • Offers made are only visible by the subcontracting operator
  • Deal directly with the operator who is subcontracting the booking
  • Download the booking details of an accepted offer directly into your Coach Manager
  • Automatically send an invoice to the subcontracting operator
  • All data is totally secure
  • No monthly subscription charge. FREE to operators with an existing software maintenance agreement

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