Distinctive Systems is the leading supplier of software for coach, bus and tour companies. Established for over 30 years, more than 1,000 operators rely on one or more of our latest Microsoft SQL Server based systems for the efficient management of their companies. Our main systems are our Coach Manager private hire and contract booking system, our Tour Booking System and our VOSA approved Vehicle Maintenance System.

Coach Manager is a start to finish solution for the management of private hire and contract work specially designed for coach, minibus and chauffeur operators. The software offers secure handling of bookings, easy and efficient allocation of vehicles and drivers, client confirmations, driver work tickets, invoicing and a built-in sales ledger with extensive financial reporting facilities.

Our Tour Booking System is a complete management solution for individual passenger reservations on extended tours, day excursions and express services. In addition to being a powerful back office system, TBS incorporates a fully automated data driven website for handling online reservations from travel agents and direct clients, with real-time payment processing and automatic emailing of confirmations.

Our Vehicle Maintenance System is a workshop management package specially designed for coach, bus and truck operators. Approved by VOSA, the software provides defect reporting, statutory inspection planning, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities, job cards and history recording. VMS streamlines the whole process and will help ensure records always meet the required standard.

Distinctive Systems

  • Industry leading software supplier
  • Established for over 30 years
  • More than 1,000 clients worldwide
  • Offices in UK, USA and Australia

Coach Manager

  • Private hires and contracts
  • Client confirmations and invoices
  • Vehicle and driver scheduling
  • Driver work tickets

Tour Booking System

  • Extended tours and day excursions
  • Back office and online bookings
  • Desktop and mobile client websites
  • Automatic emailing of confirmations

Vehicle Maintenance System

  • Workshop management
  • Statutory inspection planning
  • Defect reporting
  • Maintenance activity management
Software systems for coach based private hire and contract bookings, tours, day excursions and vehicle maintenance.

New Coach Manager Connect Website Open to All

We are pleased to announce a major new enhancement to Coach Manager Connect that allows operators to share bookings with not just other users of our Coach Manager private hire and contract booking system, but also with any operator in the country.

Coach Manager Connect is an Internet based service that connects the booking systems at over 350 leading UK operators using Coach Manager.  It allows operators to easily subcontract bookings to other operators, or take on bookings being offered by others; instantly transferring details in both directions.

Previously, available bookings were only open to operators using Coach Manager, but now when a booking is added to Connect, providing it is not flagged as private, its outline details are instantly published to everyone following Distinctive Systems on Twitter.

An operator viewing a booking on Twitter can click a link to be taken to the new Coach Manager Connect website where its full details can be seen.  All other available bookings can also be seen. The operator can contact the originator using the details supplied, or if they have Coach Manager, make an offer directly via Connect.

Operators can follow Distinctive Systems on Twitter at @DistinctiveSys or view all available bookings on the Coach Manager Connect website at

Access to the Coach Manager Connect website is free of charge and is open to any operator, irrespective of which management software they may use.

For users of Coach Manager, the new Twitter feed and Coach Manager Connect website mean bookings added to Connect are now available to a far larger audience than was previously the case.  This greatly improves the chances they will find someone to cover a booking they are looking to subcontract.

Operators who don’t currently have Coach Manager, now have an excellent opportunity to gain additional valuable work from some of the best-known operators in the country.  They just need to follow us on Twitter to be automatically notified of the availability of new bookings.

This new functionality is just the start of our plans for the Coach Manager Connect website and the ways in which it will utilise social media for the benefit of the whole coaching community.  To take advantage of this exciting new opportunity as it develops over the next few months, please be sure to follow @DistinctiveSys on Twitter and sign up for a free account on the Coach Manager Connect website.

For operators interested in adopting our Coach Manager booking system, outright purchase prices start at £3,000 or rental prices start at £97.50 per month.

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