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Capacity Level Passengers Per Annum Express
Full Version +
Online Bookings
One 2,000 £3,000 £5,000 £6,500
Two 4,000 £4,000 £6,000 £8,500
Three 6,000 £5,000 £7,000 £10,500
Four 8,000 £6,000 £8,000 £12,500
Five 10,000 £7,000 £9,000 £14,500
Unlimited - £8,000 £10,000 £16,500
Additional user £500 £500 £500
Additional Company - £2,000 £4,000
Software Maintenance 15% of software list price per annum

Walk-around Check Mobile App
Our Walk-around Check Mobile app is available free of charge for all clients with a current software maintenance agreement for Coach Manager, TBS or VMS. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and is fully integrated with both Coach Manager and VMS.

Inclusive Onsite Training
Express version prices include one man day of onsite training and full version prices include two man days.

Subscription Pricing
As an alternative to outright purchase, our software is available via annual subscription with an initial minumum term of two years. Monthly payments are calculated at 2% of software list price, plus an additional 1.25% for software maintenance, making a total of 3.25%. Pricing starts at £97.50 per month for a level one capacity TBS Express.

Clients choosing to convert from subscription to outright purchase will receive a credit for the the 2% subscription component for a maximum of the previous 12 months payments.

TBS Website Hosting Service
As an alternative to hosting the TBS website on their own web server, clients can choose to have their TBS website, online bookings and online payment handling hosted on a web server managed by Distinctive Systems. Monthly hosting prices are based on the capacity level of the system as follows. The initial setup of this service is free of charge. A current software maintenance agreement is required.

Capacity Level Passengers Per Annum Per Month
One 2,000 £16.25
Two 4,000 £32.50
Three 6,000 £48.75
Four 8,000 £65.00
Five 10,000 £81.25
Unlimited - POA

All prices are in pounds sterling and exclude VAT.

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