Coach Manager software

Product Comparison

Coach Manager and Coach Manager Express key feature comparison

Please be aware that the following table is only a comparison of what we consider to be the most important differences between the two systems; there are many more minor differences. Please contact us if you would like a more detailed comparison.

Feature Full Version Express Version
Multiple Company/Multiple Base Structure Optional
Coach Manager Online - Corporate Website Yes Yes
Coach Manager Online - Online Quotations Optional Optional
Hosted Quotations API Optional Optional
Security Yes Limited
Quotation and Pricing System Yes Yes
Booking Types with Colour Coding Yes Yes
Private Hire Copy Booking/Movement Facility Yes Yes
Contracts - Adjustment of Times on Selected Dates Yes Yes
Visual Scheduling Tool Yes Yes
Driving Hours Compliance Checks Yes
Driver Licence Categories and Details Yes
Client Codes Five One
System Wide Notes Yes
Day, Vehicle and Driver Logs Yes Day Log Only
User Definable Grid Designer Yes
Unlimited Additional Fields with User Definable Title and Data Type Yes
User Definable Reports Yes
Sage 50 Accounts Link Optional Optional
Google Maps for Work Integration Yes Yes
Storage of Images and PDF Documents Yes

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