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Our Vehicle Maintenance System is a workshop management system specially designed for coach, bus and truck operators. The software provides defect reporting, inspection planning, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activity management, job cards, history recording and workshop control.

Microsoft SQL Server Platform
VMS has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. SQL Server is part of the Microsoft .NET Platform and is an industrial strength database engine designed to handle hundreds of simultaneous users. It delivers stunning performance with unparalleled reliability and security. It is designed for systems that are in constant use under the most demanding circumstances. VMS is designed to be used with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition. Alternatively, all but the largest operators can use it with the royalty free Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition.

Scheduled Maintenance Activities
In addition to ensuring proper control of all statutory safety issues, VMS also provides a complete solution for operators looking to manage the maintenance of their vehicles for maximum efficiency and longevity in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. It allows operators to create their own scheduled maintenance activities each consisting of an unlimited number of user definable planned maintenance items. The activity cycle for each vehicle can be controlled by distance, days, hours or fixed date. Activities can either be scheduled individually or automatically up to any future date.

Defect Reporting
VMS isn’t limited to handling just scheduled activities. It has a parallel system for managing unexpected breakdowns and repairs. The built-in defect reporting system incorporates user definable defect types and stored common defect descriptions.

Unscheduled Activities
Unscheduled activities can be created at anytime and can either be assigned to their own date and time, or, depending on urgency, can be attached to an existing scheduled activity.

Graphical Planner
VMS also includes a graphical bay planner for allocating scheduled and unscheduled activities into workshop, paint shop or cleaning bays. Activities can be moved to a different bay or time using drag and drop. The highly visual graphical presentation makes the optimisation of resources especially easy. The system also provides a six month view of scheduled activities which eliminates need to maintain a traditional wall planner.

Job Cards
The system can automatically print job cards for both scheduled and unscheduled activities. Details of all faults, comments and work carried out can be fed back into VMS to maintain a detailed history for each vehicle.

Additional Modules
VMS has extensive built-in features for keeping a handle on maintenance costs, but operators who would like to take things further can add the optional stock control module. Operators providing a commercial workshop service can also add the optional invoicing and sales ledger modules.

Fully Integrated
VMS can also be integrated with our Coach Manager Charter and Contract Booking System. As vehicles are allocated into the workshop the system automatically checks with Coach Manager to make sure there are no conflicting booking commitments.

VMS Express
VMS Express is a simplified version of VMS aimed at operators with smaller fleet sizes. By excluding a range of features that have been designed specifically for managing very large fleets, we have not only made the system much easier to use, we've also made it more attractively priced. Although VMS Express has fewer features, we haven't taken away anything that could affect the smooth operation of your workshop. VMS Express is available for fleet sizes of up to either 50 or 100 vehicles and, because we recognise that some larger operators might also prefer a simpler system, there is also an unlimited version.

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