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TBS is a reservation system for tours and sightseeing trips. The software guides the user through the booking one step at a time dealing with seat allocation, accommodation choice and pick-up point selection. TBS also offers payment processing and automatic emailing of invoices.

Microsoft SQL Server Platform
TBS has been developed using Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft SQL Server database engine. SQL Server is part of the Microsoft .NET Platform and is an industrial strength database engine designed to handle hundreds of simultaneous users. It delivers stunning performance with unparalleled reliability and security. It is designed for systems that are in constant use under the most demanding circumstances. TBS is designed to be used with Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition. Alternatively, all but the largest operators can use it with the royalty free Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition.

Flexible Tour Setup
The TBS in-house reservation system makes it easy to build a collection of different tours from a set of entirely user definable underlying components. The components consist of an unlimited number of seating plans, fares, accommodation types, insurance options and pick-up points. These are assembled as appropriate for each tour. The inclusion or exclusion of any one of the components is optional on each and every tour. This means TBS is able to handle not just coach based tours, but self-drive holidays and holidays by air or even rail. The tours created can be for tours, sightseeing trips or, in the case of the full TBS system, express services.

Flexible Pricing
Once a tour has been created it is easy to add prices to any number of different fare options and/or accommodation types and supplements. If required prices can vary on different departure dates. The full TBS system can also, if required, apply premium seat supplements and standard or home pick-up supplements.

Foolproof Booking Entry
TBS guides the user through a booking one step at a time dealing with seat allocation, accommodation choice and pick-up point selection. The system can handle payment authorisation and can either print or email tickets and invoices.

Waiting List
TBS has a powerful waiting list facility which will automatically raise an alert the moment resources become free.

Administrative Reports
Administrative reports include performance analysis, sales analysis, cost analysis, insurance transactions, options and booking statistics.

Financial Reports
Financial reports include agent statements, aged debt analysis, card payments, outstanding balances, unallocated payments, advance payments, sales daybook, cash book and nominal analysis.

Operational Reports
Operational reports include final confirmations, seating plans, passenger lists, rooming lists, standard pick-up and set-down requirements, home pick-up requirements, special needs requirements, luggage labels and ferry passenger registration list.

Client Mailing
The TBS client database includes extensive mailing facilities with de-duplication facilities.

Data Driven Website
In addition to the facilities that make up the in-house reservation system, the full TBS system includes as standard a further set of facilities that automatically creates a data driven website. This allows operators to create and maintain a professional website without the expense of employing a specialist web design company.

Against every tour in TBS, in addition to the information relating to dates and prices needed by the in-house reservation system, there is an area where operators can enter the information they would like to present to clients on the TBS website. This information essentially mirrors the details that would go into a printed brochure and includes a brief overview, a detailed overview, a day by day itinerary, a further information area and a selection of pictures. Since this information is destined to be presented on a website it also includes an area for useful links to other related websites such as the destination hotel or tourist office.

The TBS website accesses all the information that has been entered into TBS and assembles it to create a separate page for each tour, in effect creating an online brochure, except that for efficiency a page isn't actually created until someone asks to see it.

The website comes with a customisable front page that displays welcome information and provides a means of navigating through the available tours. Clients can browse through the tours and check prices and availability before either telephoning or requesting a call back. They can also place an online order for a brochure.

A totally unique feature of TBS is that all the content required to build the TBS website is entered into the in-house reservation system in nothing more complicated than plain English text. Behind the scenes TBS converts this into the HTML required by the end-user's web browser.

Online Bookings
The full TBS system can be further extended with the addition of the TBS online booking facility. This allows clients to create an account, enter passenger names, select their seats, choose pick-up points, select their preferred accommodation along with any supplements, accept or decline insurance and pay either a deposit or in full as appropriate. The TBS website shopping basket allows clients to make several bookings one after another and then pay for them all with just a single card payment.

The online booking facility includes a secure login facility that allows existing clients to view their current bookings, make online balance payments and update their contact details.

The facility also provides a secure login for agents allowing them to enter bookings directly into TBS. This completely eliminates the need for agents to phone in, thereby offering considerable savings in reservation staff costs. Agents are also able to view their existing bookings online and maintain their own authorised operators.

Website Hosting
Hosting the TBS website on the Internet requires just one PC and two low cost firewalls over and above the equipment that would be required for an in-house reservation system. The efficiency of the TBS SQL Server database design allows excellent response times to be achieved with an ordinary low cost broadband connection to the Internet.

TBS includes utilities that allow pictures to be uploaded to an ISP and managed over the Internet just as easily as if they were stored locally. This means pictures used in the TBS website are downloaded directly from the ISP rather than from the site hosting TBS itself. Freed of this traffic the broadband connection is capable of delivering a first rate booking experience even while serving multiple clients.

TBS Express
TBS Express is a simplified version of TBS aimed at operators with less complicated tour programmes. By removing a selection of features designed for some of our larger clients, we've made the system much easier to use. At the same time it is still extremely flexible and is capable of delivering everything a smaller operator could need in an in-house reservation system. TBS Express doesn't include the data driven website and the optional online booking facility can't be added to it. TBS Express can be upgraded to the full TBS system when and if required.

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