Google Maps Integration Released


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Following the appointment of Distinctive Systems as a Google OEM Partner, we have now integrated the Google Maps Platform into our Coach Manager private charter and contract booking system and its built-in price calculator.

Despite the very substantial cost of licensing Google Maps, we are making the integration, including unlimited use of all mapping facilities, available entirely free of charge to all clients with a current software maintenance or subscription agreement.  Every Coach Manager user at every one of these clients is entitled to use the integration.

Google Maps is the most advanced mapping solution on the market.  Business and other address lookups are virtually instantaneous thanks to the integration of Google Places, as are route calculations and the return of travel times, distances and latitudes/longitudes. All the facilities of the familiar free version of Google Maps are integrated into Coach Manager including map, terrain, satellite and street views, dragable routes and real-time traffic information.

Clicking a location pushpin displays an information window with a street view thumbnail.  Clicking the thumbnail switches into full street view mode. This gives sales staff a detailed understanding of local features and surroundings at pick-up points and destinations.

Google Maps is a worldwide solution, so, for the first time, we are now in a position to provide our many clients in Australia, New Zealand and many other countries with an integrated mapping solution.

The Google Maps logo is a trademark of Google Inc.

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